Yi-Fen Zhou

Yi-Fen Zhou August 4th, 1929 – September 19, 2019

Yi-Fen Zhou, 90, died on September 19th, 2019 in McLean, Virginia. She leaves behind her two sisters, one brother, two daughters Ching-hsien Wang, JingNing Wang and their husbands, five grandchildren, one great grandson and many close friends.

Born and raised in Beijing, China on August 4, 1929, Zhou was the daughter of Henry Chou and Ruth Shu-wen Huie. She lived in Beijing until she moved to Maryland in the United States in the 1987.

Zhou graduated from Beijing (Yenching) University in 1954 with a bachelor degree in Biology and worked as a professor at the Beijing Institute of Physical Education from 1955-1987. She was the founder of the Science Research Center at the Institute and served as its first Director. In the early 1980s, she conducted research in Germany and subsequently at Penn State University as a visiting scholar. Upon returning to her institute in Beijing, she established the Science Research Center. After moving to the United States, she worked on the research at the University of Maryland School of Medicine from 1992-1995 before retirement.

Zhou lived a challenging but fulfilling life, both in China and the United States. In her childhood she experienced the Japanese occupation of northern China during 1937-1945, lost her father who refused to cooperate with the Japanese occupiers at age 15, and attended and graduated from the top university in China. As an adult, she lived through the Cultural Revolution in China (1966-1976) and endured a forced separation from her husband, who was sent to the oil fields for Communist re-education for about five years, before they successfully built a new life together in the United States.

She grew thriving gardens, loved fishing, and enjoyed playing piano throughout her life. In her later years she helped to raise her grandchildren, and she visited and enjoyed spending time with her four siblings.

A funeral service was held on Sept. 28th 2019 at Advent Funeral Home.

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  1. 阵丽芬 says:

    阿姨您好, 还没来得急去看望您老人家一次 您就走了, 很是遗憾。 昨晚和敬献纪铭共进晚餐了, 他们看上去还好, 您老人家放心去吧. 一路走好. 祝您和叔叔在天堂幸福!

  2. Ann Shively says:

    You will truly be missed Dorothy. I will never forget my Chinese lesson, your delicious soup and egg rolls that you made me. I didn’t realize how sick you were
    My prayers will always be for you I loved you my wonderful friend. Ann

  3. Qing Qing (Louisa) says:

    Yi Fen Gu Gu was one my of my closest aunties. I grew up in China sharing many meals and memories with her. When I was little, my impression was Yi Fen Gu Gu was very strict – making me eat all food served on the table (including the much dreaded stewed carrots) and finishing the very last grain of rice in my bowl. After moving to America as a teenager, I got to know her as a fun loving and caring auntie. Every time I saw her, she always had a smile on her face and wanted detailed updates on my life. I know she and my parents Henry and Zhu had a close and loving relationship – talking to each other almost on a daily basis. Yi Fen Gu Gu will be greatly missed by all of us! – Niece Qing Qing (Louisa)

  4. 乃晋 秉庄 says:

    得知懿芬辞世,我们很难过。雖然相隔万里限制了我们常相往来,但她的善良、直爽、坦率、诚恳,深深印刻在我们脑中。我们是同龄人,呼吸、生活在同一片土地上,彼此很容易理解,有共同语言,真希望能有更多相聚的机会,可惜现在已天人两隔!。 願㦤芬一路走好,与恭业在天堂长相厮守,永不分离!。 乃晋 秉庄

  5. 李炬 says:

    太快了,愿周阿姨一路走好!在我心里周阿姨是一位开朗,热情,阳光心态的老人!忘不了我第一次去美国时,二老来着车跑了很远来看我!我嫂子有一年去美国,周阿姨和王叔叔还去看她了. 望家人节哀顺变!

  6. 涂春 says:

    怀念周阿姨!周阿姨一路走好 2016年看望她老人家的情景仍然历历在目,彼时彼景成为永远的记忆[Heart] 正如谢红所言,周阿姨是享四世同堂天伦之乐的厚德厚福之人,令人羡慕。

  7. 林惠 says:

    惊悉你母亲今天去世,我们深感震惊。还清楚记得她在我们家弹钢琴的景象。望她老人家一路走好。也望你们节哀顺变,多多保重。生老病死是自然规律,你们健康幸福是你妈妈的願望。深表哀思 。

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