Timothy John Smith

Timothy John Smith, age 62, was raised in the Cherrydale section of Arlington, Virginia. The son of Harry and Margy Smith, he had seven siblings, 7 nieces and nephews and was close to grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins, Tim grew up with deep attachment to family, and was a loving brother and son. In his youth he spent many weekends in the mountains of West Virginia, which later inspired him to move there as an adult. “Timmy” had a lifelong love of everything mechanical. As a teenager he and his friends had fast cars and were always working on their engines and putting in beefy transmissions. Tim’s pride was his 1970 GTO. He also loved his motorcycles.

He was employed throughout his adult life as a master mechanic.  Early on he was trained to work as a big Diesel truck engines, then later for high end cars like Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes. He had a yearning for travel, moving to Florida, Maine, Georgia, Colorado and California where he worked on cars and took up fishing and other outdoor pursuits. Twice he started his own companies, driving trucks, which fit his wanderlust nature. His mechanical abilities and love of creating things led him to hobbies studying knife making, and in classic Timmy fashion as a perfectionist, he sought out the great knifemaker William Moran for advice. Tim studied metallurgy to learn the craft and created high quality knives, ancient style Japanese blades and even swords. He sought out knowledgeable people and learned how to build computers from scratch, and built many of them for family, friends and personal use.

Tim had a neighborly, big hearted side to him his entire life.  He was always quick to help people fixing their cars, going car shopping with them, fixing their computers, and even repairing their homes. He was an unusually calm person, infinitely patient when working or helping others. So much so, that his older brother Paul frequently referred to Tim’s lack of hurriedness as “Timmy Time.” Which was a great quality of Tim, incredible patience when working and solving problems. He never took money for helping them. That’s what kind of person he was, always generous and helping others.

His passion for learning mechanical things extended to many other areas and when he wasn’t studying cars, motorcycles, computers, or knives, he studied philosophy and eastern philosophy. He rarely watched television, as his boundless curiosity kept him perpetually reading and learning. 

Family will receive friends on Saturday, May 5, 2018 from 9am until service time at 10am at Advent Funeral Services 7211 Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA  22046.  Burial to follow at Columbia Gardens Cemetery, Arlington, VA

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  1. Brigitte Reydams says:

    So very sorry for your loss
    What a beautiful written eulogy of Tim
    I wish I had know Tim
    Prayers and hugs to all in your family

  2. Brigitte Reydams says:

    What a beautiful written eulogy of Tim
    I wish I had know Tim
    Prayers and hugs to all in your family
    So very sorry for your loss

  3. Tina Perry says:

    You are all in my prayers. I’m so very sorry that he left so young. He sounded like a wonderful and interesting man. He is nestled in God’s arms.

  4. Debbie Piero says:

    Please know that I have you and your family in my prayers. I am so sorry for your loss.

  5. Tina Andes says:

    Tim sounds like an amazing brother, son, and uncle. I am so sorry for your sudden loss…he will be missed. My prayers are with you all as you walk through this time.

  6. Dan and Sharon Smith says:

    Sorry for your loss. Great job on the eulogy you nailed it

  7. Jim Robinson and Jo Ann says:

    Jo Ann and I are so sorry for loss Tim. God bless all of you

  8. Georgiana Handermann says:

    Hello so very sorry for your loss. Beautiful eulogy for a wonderful son, brother, uncle and friend. Prayers and good thoughts going out to family .

  9. kathy Inglert says:

    Dear Margy,
    Timmy sounds like a wonderful man. My heart goes out to you and your family. I pray you have peace that passes understanding at this difficult time.

  10. jimmy smith says:

    Maggie you did great job on this and I know he will be missed by everyone that he touches . Hope everyone find peace and joy knowing he is with the family on the other side

  11. Susan Keeney says:

    Your loss cannot be measured nor lessened for now, but know that he is with his Heavenly Father and you will meet again someday in an even better place and time. Prayers for you, Margy, and your family. Know that your Kairos family is keeping you in their hearts and thoughts during this very difficult time. I pray that your happy memories will take over and fill the hole left in your heart by Tim’s passing. What a true gift from God he was! This world has lost an angel, but Heaven has gained one.

  12. Barbara Minter says:

    Dear Margy:
    I was so sorry to hear about the death of your son Tim. I never knew how gifted and talented he was. He certainly had the ability to learn anything he put his mind to. From reading his obituary it was obvious that he had a heart filled with love and shared that love with anyone in need. He was a rare son and I know your heart is grieving his loss. I pray that God will comfort you and give you the peace that Jesus promised. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. Eileen Brennen says:

    Oh Margy, we are so sorry for your loss but pleased for Tim ‘s victory.

    Our hearts go out to you as you once again feel the sting of death in your life.

    Pray that your trust in our Faithful, Loving Father holds you at this difficult time.

    Your son certainly seemed to have enjoyed life and took advantage of every learning situation. You must feel pride in your mother’s heart.

    Terry and I send all our love and prayers.

  14. Nancy Burch says:

    Having read Tim’s obit. my heart grieves even more for you, Margy. I know that God will sustain you as you walk through this dark valley. God’s blessings be with you and your family. Grief IS the price we pay for love.

  15. Catherine Mary I ecas says:

    To All The Smith Family…So Sorry For Your Loss…Prayers

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