Paulette Villalobos Lynch

Paulette Villalobos Lynch, May 19, 1964 to July 5, 2019,
Paulette left us after almost three years of valiantly fighting a vicious foe.
She was the daughter of Melina C. and Ephraim P. Villalobos. Her immediate family misses her greatly; they include her husband Danny and her sister Laurie Villalobos Angles, Laurie’s husband Mark, son Steven, daughter Melina, and Melina’s daughter Emmelia (“Emmy”). She also leaves extended family living in New York, Minnesota, and the Philippines. Hailing from Charlottesville, Richmond, Santa Fe, and Seattle, Danny’s family considers her one of their own.
Born in the Philippines, Paulette immigrated to the United States at the age of 3. Her first residence in the states was in Washington, DC. She grew up in the Northern Virginia area and graduated from Oakton High School, Class of 1982. She held several positions as a federal government contract worker.
Paulette was a warm, generous, friendly, fun-loving person who loved life. Her radiant smile, joyous laugh, and sparkling eyes attested to this, as her family and friends can affirm. Things she loved, in no particular order (or are they?):
The Yankees
The Beatles
Her friends
Her country
Her cats
Derek Jeter
The beach
Steamed crabs
Being out with friends
Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Caps
Flag football on Saturdays
Softball on Sundays
Bloody Marys on all days
Charleston, SC
Most babies
Cotton Candy
Scented candles
Rare steak
The Pre-Snyder Redskins
Bucky Dent
Sushi and really rare salmon
Girly drinks
Food made by other people

For those of us who knew her, and miss her, we can help honor her memory by donating to one of her favorite causes. She favored the Reston Relay for Life, the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, and animal-rescue charities (especially for cats and dogs).

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