Meredith, or Micky as she was called, was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1933. Her
parents, Sir Stephen and Lady Thelma Roberts, both came from the world of academia.
Her Father, Dean of Sydney University for twenty years, was knighted by the present
Queen Elizabeth II for his outstanding work of bringing the University back to where
it is today.
Meredith had two sisters – Liska (now deceased) and Jan Meredith Scotts who survives
her. Growing up in the world of academia challenged the girls and afforded them
interesting opportunities.
After leaving Sydney University, Meredith joined the Sydney Morning Herald as a
journalist until in her early thirties when she moved to Surfers Paradise, Capital of the
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, to be with the love of her life Alan Inglis
Her three nieces are: Juliet, (who. has six children, Toby, Max, Alice, Josie, Phoenix and
Kearu, Georgia, who has Poppy, and Edwina, married to Phil, Jacinta and Kynan.
In the early sixties Meredith moved to the U.S. where she spent the rest of her life,
eventually buying a home in McLean, Virginia, her pride and joy. Many hours were
spent here making her home “beautiful” as that of her garden.
After her arrival in Washington D.C. Meredith pursued a career in journalism with
the National Institute of Manufacturers – where she was valued for her writing skills.
During this time. she became involved in breeding Abyssinian cats and showing them
very successfully – she pursued this hobby until quite recently – they were her “children”
and in later years, one of her main occupations.
Who really was Micky you may ask, a lady with beautiful violet/blue eyes and a head of
thick jet-black hair. A free spirit who loved life. One of her favourite pastimes was to
visit many of the wonderful museums in Washington D.C. By no account was Micky a
saint but an educated lady of high intelligence and many fine qualities who could light
up a room by her mere presence, a source of warmth and comfort
Without a doubt, Meredith will be greatly missed by all her family and friends.


  1. Edwina Scotts-Tolley says:

    My Darling Auntie Mickie,

    I cannot express enough the pain that I am feeling knowing that we will never talk again except by spirit.
    You made such an impact on my life and you will never know how much I gained from our lifetime of conversations, laughs and silly antics until the day that you passed.

    You were like my second mum and I never want to let you go.

    From your gorgeous smile to your larger than life eyelashes, you were unique.
    You visited us each year in Australia after your obligatory stopover in Hawaii and made our Christmases so special. Your life always seemed so glamorous and so full of fun.

    I remember your wonderful gifts from Hawaii and the USA, you throwing American coins in our pool for us to dive for, the amazing chewing gum you brought with you(hence my love of it still today!), you lying by our pool sunbaking in the Australian summer, visits to Bondi beach for a surf, your vodka and bitter lemon tipples, trips on Sydney harbour, your love of your cats, your laughter and generous nature and just too many more things to list.

    I so wanted to be like you and still indulge in many life activitues like you did. I just wanted to breed dogs instead of cats!!

    My Darling Auntie Mickie, I love you to the moon and back. You will never be forgotten, just revered now from earth to heaven. I know my feelings will eventually turn from pain to thoughts of beautiful memories that will make me smile again. Your name lives on in my daughter Jacinta Mickie.

    Until we meet again my special lady.

    Love Weenie. xxoo.

    • Janet Marando says:

      I was very saddened to just hear of Meredith’s passing.

      Meredith was our Fab neighbour and friend in McLean. It was always a great time bonding with our fellow Aussie next door! She was such a character full of life, who adored her prizewinning cats, loved pottering around her garden soaking up as much sunshine as she could get.

      When Meredith met my husband Mick they discovered their connection through Meredith’s Niece’s (who he had heard of Aunty Micky for years)! It’s a small world! My family and I were visiting from Australia 4 years ago and popped into the old neighbourhood. We were very lucky to have a visit with Meredith and her cat babies.

      Over the past years she joined us on many family festive occasions full of merriment. I will miss our chats and especially her mischievous laugh! Rest in Peace Meredith. We will miss you. Lots of love Janet (Greer), Mick, Bronte and Ben Marando xxxxx

    • Jo Merrill says:

      Hello Edwina,
      I love your description of your Aunt. Meredith was a special lady for sure! She talked about you often.
      We met Meredith in 1977 when we bought a kitten from her. We stayed friends from then on and saw her often when we all lived in McLean. She watched our daughters grow up and they thought of her as family. We met your parents when they visited the U.S.
      We just learned of Meredith’s death this week when I tried to call her. We are all very sad but feel fortunate to have known her and we will cherish all our memories. We are especially happy that we had a great visit in Dec. 2016 and she had a chance to meet both daughters’ fiancés. She approved of their choices and said so! I’m glad we have a lovely group photo from that visit.
      Please Give our best wishes to your parents,
      Jo and David Merrill and Jennifer and Ashley.

  2. Nancy Weigel says:

    Prayers being sent. I met Meredith while showing cats, I was showing an Abyssinian, Eecatl Colt Walker at the time and Meredith would make such a fuss over him. Meredith will remain one of my favorite people in the fancy, a breath of fresh air. So many good memories, all wonderful. You will be missed.

  3. Betty Raam says:

    I also met Meredith while showing cats. We were introduced by mutual friends in the cat fancy and stayed friends for years. She was always fun to be round and we often benched together . I was so sorry to hear of Meredith’s passing, she will be missed by all who knew her.

  4. JoAnne Christensen says:

    My husband and I met Meredith while searching for an Abyssinian breeder. She was a very sweet lady and quite an interesting character. She loved her sire Babe, back in 2003 we were blessed with 2 kittens from Babe and Bora Bora. We lost our male kitten Levi in 2015 and just a few Sunday’s ago a female Roxy. We appreciated the care we received from Meredith, she also gave us some beautiful perinneals out of her garden, that continue to bloom today. You will be missed….

  5. Colleen Greer says:

    Meredith was our next door neighbor, the gardener extraordinaire (she thought), a lover of her cats – her children – our special Aussie and part of our family. We were lucky enough to share holidays together and I could always count on Meredith to check on my parents if the phone was off the hook or if my mother was out and about. We loved Meredith and will miss her. Our prayers and thoughts are with her family. Love, Colleen and the Greers.

  6. Sherry Rudick says:

    I only today found out that Meredith had passed. I suspected something was wrong as I tried to call her several times this past year and then again today when I found the number no longer in service. Meredith was a wonderful lady, so full of fun and with a flair for life. I always enjoyed speaking with her and receiving her letters at Christmas. We still have two of Babe’s offspring–half sisters born a week apart to different moms. It was 12 years ago when we told Meredith we were going to name the newborns Rosie and Lola to which she promptly replied “oh no, that won’t do at all.” The official names on their papers are Gypsy Rosie Lee and Gina Lolabrigida. Meredith was quite clever at naming her children. I was quite sad to have to tell Rosie and Lola that their original Mom had passed and even more sad to think about not speaking with her again in this life. I am sure her family misses her greatly and my sympathy goes to all of them. RIP my dear friend and fellow cat lover where I am sure you are reunited with all your little ones.

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