George A. Depaoli

George A. Depaoli

  On Wednesday, March 27, 2019. Of Vienna, VA. Husband of the late Margaret Anne Depaoli; father of George (Robin), Alexander (Anne), Victoria Depaoli, Kerstin (Remo)Perini and the late Margaret Depaoli; brother of Maria Friedlander and Rina Austin. Also survived by 5 grandchildren. A Memorial Gathering will take place on Thursday, April 4, 2019 from 2-4 and 6-8 pm at Advent Funeral Services 7211 Lee hwy. Falls Church, VA. In Lieu of flowers memorials may be made to The Benedictine School of Ridgley, MD.  Mass and burial at a later date in City Island, NY.

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  1. Pat, Paul, JP & Ashlee Gilson says:

    George’s brilliant sense of humor, his compassion and his kindness made him not just a amazing human being, but one of the best neighbors someone could have. We will miss George dearly and his delicious famous chili.

  2. Victoria says:

    I hope you found the gazebo and a hot chocolate stand in Heaven, just like on the Hallmark Channel. You are missed but I am so joyful for you.

  3. Dianna Sadlouskos says:

    Whenever Mr. Depaoli came to Los Angeles to visit Victoria we had a routine of meeting for happy hour at the Enterprise Fish Company. What I loved about these wonderful “meet-cutes” with Mr. Depaoli is that he was always so engaged and interested in what was going on in my life, asked lots of questions and had the sweetest sense of humor. I will miss him – I looked forward to these annual get togethers. He had so much love in his heart – it was so apparent to me based on how he interacted with Victoria and how he looked at her with such pride. My sincere condolences to the Depaoli family. Mr. Depaoli will be missed. All my love-

  4. Russell says:

    The only thing that could possibly outdo our nickel tour experience is if next time you drive the golf cart.

  5. Emily C Williams says:

    Mr. Depaoli – I am so glad I got to meet you during one of your trips out west. I’ll never forget the balmy evening we spent in Santa Monica with your daughter and her many friends. We all talked, laughed, and enjoyed a little vino under the stars. May you rest in paradise.

  6. bill fox says:

    I would always look forward to victoria s dad coming to visit her in los angeles and i could spend the day with them. what could be better then a hamburger at Houston s followed by an italian ice and finish the day with dinner at Dan Tana s which consisted of caesar salad, new york steak w/ fried onions & peppers and cream spinach and for dessert cappuccino ice cream. age is just a number, george loved to play and laugh and there is nothing better unless making him laugh. my only regreat is that i am sorry that Victoria got her sense of humor from her mother ‘s side.
    Mr. Depaoli you will be missed but will live in our hearts forever… all our love

  7. Kurt Carley says:

    Mr.Depaoli was so kind to me when I met him several years ago. He took time out of his day to sit down with me and council me regarding an invention idea that I had. Since George at one time worked in the US Patent Office, he gave me such great advice about my idea, my next step that I absolutely must make, what pitfalls to avoid, and all done with a kindness and sense of humor too. Since he had all of this wisdom to give me for free, I asked Victoria what I could give him as a ‘Thank You’. Victoria said that if I got him a box of chocolate turtles he would be happy. I felt sheepish offering George my gift but he accepted it gladly. Months and years later, Victoria told me that on occasion her father would ask how I was doing on my invention journey. Such a nice, wonderful man.

  8. ROBERT Frederick says:

    For the many years we knew and interacted with George. His sense of humor was always present.
    His ability to interact with all was a plus in all of our social events. Daily life
    He had a great love of life, and especially of his family. God bless

  9. Marie Fama says:

    I remember your Dad and beautiful mom Peggy fondly. George and my Charlie would always be glad to see each other and joke around. George always refer to Peggy and me as our beautiful brides no many how many years we were married. God speed George and may you rest in peace.

  10. Mary Beth Pape says:

    I have a few stories that I can tell about knowing George when he would visit his daughter , my friend Victoria. Unlike George, I’ll just relate one ! They would pull up in her car and he would watch Yankee games with my husband Gary and myself. I was raised on Long Island and Gary is a Bronx boy so we are all Yankee fans! Sometimes Victoria would leave and do errands . That was fine with us ! Gary and George could really gab about NYC. We really loved himand send our condolences to the whole family. BTY , we were on very different sides when it came to Football! Too bad he was a passionate Redskins fan and not a Giants fan!

  11. Judith Kelley says:

    George and Peggy were among our dearest friends throughout our years at Westwood Country Club in Vienna. Our girls, Robin, Victoria, Alyson and Kerstin, were constant summer companions and we adults and offspring outdid each other with our amazing parties and high jinks. As the “children” aged and went their separate ways, we would still meet each Friday night at Westwood until our lives, but not our love for each other, were separated by our move to Pinehurst, NC.

    George was brilliant, funny, loving and so in love with his family and Peggy. I mourn his loss but know he was ready to be with Peggy and my husband, Bob, and for a life free from pain and troubles. God bless, Dear George, with love.

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