Edgard Jose Sevilla

It is with great sadness that the family of Edgard Jose Sevilla announces his passing on Tuesday, November 26, 2019, at almost 91 years of age. Edgard will be lovingly remembered by his wife of 51 years, Maria Auxiliadora, his children, Edgar Joseph (Erica) and Luisa Maria (Douglas), and grandchildren.

Edgard was a man who greatly enjoyed the camaraderie of friends he made over the years. He was a kind person with strong convictions and enjoyed participating in healthy debates. Edgard was a supporter of the sciences and valued intellectual pursuits, continuously reading publications to learn new things about the world. He was a man who loved his family dearly and never fell short of anything but dedicated. As a young adult, he obtained a small plane pilot’s license and was a bit of a thrill seeker, but most of all he had a deep love for music. Edgard enjoyed playing the guitar, piano and dancing, especially to the tango.

Born in Nicaragua, Edgard earned a full scholarship to study in the United States and attended Colgate University in New York. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Economics graduating with honors in 1956. He then was awarded another full scholarship to pursue his postgraduate studies at Vanderbilt University where he graduated with honors in 1959 with a Masters and PhD degrees in Economics.

In 1971, he began his career with the Organization of American States in Washington, DC where he dedicated his life to furthering the progress of economic development of Central and South American States. He served in this capacity until 1993 when he retired. He then became a Naturalized Citizen of the United States in 2002.

A service celebrating Edgard’s life will be held at 1pm, on Thursday, December 5, 2019 at St James Catholic Church at 905 Park Ave, Falls Church,VA 22046 with a reception to follow for friends and family.

In lieu of flowers, please consider memorial donations in memory of Edgard made to American Kidney Fund (https://www.kidneyfund.org/)

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  1. Agustin Torres Lazo says:

    El capi Sevilla y yo ingresamos a La Salle en 1937, cuando ambos teníamos siete años cumplidos. Siempre admiré su inteligencia y capacidad para hacer amigos, a quienes él trataba con respeto y cariño. Nunca escuché de él una palabra fuera de tono o vulgar, con que el resto de nosotros folklorizaba sus diarias conversaciones. Cuando ingresé a la Academia Militar, él praparaba su viaje a los Estados Unidos para iniciar sus estudios profesionales. Al graduarme, fue mi turno de salir para Europa y comenzar los míos.
    Después de más de veinte años de casualidad nos encontramos en Washington DC. Pasamos horas felices hablando de nuestras nostalgias y recuerdos. El tiempo siguió su curso y nos vimos de nuevo en Punta del Este, donde él como funcionario y yo en calidad de invitado, asistimos a una reunión continental de la OEA. Después ambos jubilados, él en Virginia y yo en Ecuador, instituímos nuestra privada red social con otro querido compañero y amigo del año 37, Hernán Aróstegui que residía en New Orleans. Las cosas que nos escribimos y reflecionamos durante muchos, han sido la mejor experiencia epistolar que he tenido en mi vida, reunidos alrededor de ese eje de la bisagra que siempre fue la Patria amada, cuya ausencia compartíamos con alegría y tristeza.
    Ahora Hernán, nuestro Capi se nos ha ido. Sé que tú y yo le recordaremos siempre como un faro de luz que se nos perdió en la eternidad. Vayan mis condolencias a su querida familia.

  2. Guadalupe Mayorga says:

    Mi mas sentido pesame por la partidade Edgard, que Dios les de mucha fortalez, Excelente persona y amog

  3. Lizette Shinmachi says:

    !Gracias, gracias por este bello recuerdo de Edgard! Me encanto aprender mas de su vida.
    (Thank you, thank you, for this beautiful remembrance of Edgard’s life! I loved learning more about him.)

  4. Lizette Shinmachi says:

    Eulogy for Uncle Edgard
    My uncle Edgard loved life and everything good in it with passion. Family, friends and colleagues; good food and drink; humor and conversation; music and beauty; knowledge and entertainment; his natal country, Nicaragua and his adopted country, the U.S.; the arts and sciences; humanity and God.
    A quote that came to mind when I decided to write this remembrance of Edgard is:
    You give but little when you give of your possessions.
    It is when you give of yourself that you truly give….
    From “On Giving” in The Prophet by Kahil Gibran
    Uncle Edgard loved the people in his lifefamily, friends, acquaintances, colleagues; young, old and in-between. It didn’t matter who you were, how well he knew you or why he was interacting with you. He gave you respect and consideration. He listened carefully to your words and tone of voice; he watched your face and body language. He thoughtfully considered your words, your emotional state, your intention, beliefs and knowledge. Then he gave you one of the followinghis kindest, most helpful reply; his most informative reply; his understanding and encouragement; a solution he believed in; a good joke; or a request to tell him more.
    Often, Edgard spoke with humor, a twinkle in his eyes and huge smile. When he greeted someone, even on the phone (the Sevilla-Alvarez-Moglianesi family on the West coast, for example), you literally felt his joy and saw his huge smile and twinkling eyes.
    Edgard always spoke up for what he believed in, whether his listeners agreed with him or not. On one visit to the Alvarez Sevilla home Edgard convinced my father that children should sit at the dinner table with the adults and be included in the conversation. I was amazed and grateful.
    Uncle Edgard loved to share information he believed was important. For example, he often emailed nutritional information to help us live more healthy lives, political information to help us vote more wisely, inspirational messages to help us remember spiritual truths and build our inner strength. He loved a good political discussion, and valued learning new information.
    Edgard was humble. He never talked about his accomplishments. (I wish he had! We would have been inspired by him and learned from him.) As his niece for over 50 years, I was surprised and impressed to read the bio he had written for his university reunion. Luckily, he decided to share it with others by email. He was so educated, accomplished and dedicated.
    Uncle Edgard was generous. When I was hospitalized in Spain in 1980 for a week and called my parents to pay my bill, he insisted on paying it for us because my parents couldn’t send money from their bank account to Spain because they were staying with him and Auxy. (This was before the internet age.) Edgard never let me or my parents pay him back. Later, when Edgard brought his family to California on a trip, he wouldn’t let me invite them to lunch even though they were my guests for the day. He insisted, “Uncles always treat nieces.”
    In conclusion, I’ll always remember uncle Edgar with gratitude and love.
    by Lizette Alvarez Sevilla de Shinmachi

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