David A. Hubbs

The Hubbs family announces with great sadness the loss of their beloved son, brother and uncle, Dave. He passed away on January 2nd, 2020 at age 64.

Dave was born in California to Madelyn and Alan Hubbs. Dave was proud of being a longtime Falls Church resident since 1962. He attended Saint James Elementary School and Marshall High School; after which he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. He served his country at Camp Lejeune, in North Carolina while the Viet Nam War was coming to an end.

As a young boy, Dave was a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout. He play Little League baseball, basketball at Saint James and served as an altar boy at Saint James Church.

Dave fished in Alaska and camped the East Coast with his family and friends. He attended “the Annual Campout” at Elizabeth’s Furnace, Virginia for the last 43 years. He will be sorely missed this year.

Dave was a school bus driver for Fairfax County Schools who enjoyed his job and volunteered for extra trips, including field trips. He was much loved by the children and known as “Mister Dave” by all his riders.

Dave’s family and friends will miss his music (always played loudly), his compassion, quick wit and sly smile, his hugs and the growl of his beloved Harley.

His sister Chris, his father Alan and his nephew Robert invite everyone to share their memories on the Advent website and at the reception after the service also at Advent, 7211 Lee Highway, Falls Church, VA 22046.  

The service will be held on Saturday, January 18 at 2:00 p. m.  Please dress casually.  Additional parking is available on side streets.

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  1. Toni Genberg says:

    My heart goes out to Chris and all of Dave’s family and friends. Dave was a good, kind man and neighbor who Marc and I lived across from for nearly 15 years. I’ll miss Dave’s smiles and waves from across the street and from his truck with Chaz at his side. I keep expecting to see Dave sweetly throwing me a kiss.

    Wishing Dave’s loved ones comfort and peace in the days ahead.

  2. JANE CHECKAN says:

    Dave was my brother by another Mother and we acted accordingly. We shared our love of dogs, trucks and Harleys. When he went to Sturgis, I asked him to bring me a souvenir. Expecting a tee shirt, I was a little did that he brought me a small bumper sticker! That bumper sticker has been in my kitchen window ever since.

    We both shared a extraordinary love for dogs. We know the names of dogs, not always their owners. Dave’s constant companion, Chazz was a frequent visitor to my door because Dave told him it was ok to visit me. We made a walkway through my flower bed so Chazz could go back and forth quickly. He trained Chazz to be polite, to never walk in the street and be nice to everyone walking by his yard. Every time Dave was in his truck, Chazz was always in the passenger seat. No one else had that privilege.

    Dave loved music of all kinds and he played it all very loudly – much to my dismay! One day he played something that made my head explode! I marched next door, let myself in and shouted at Dave louder than the music. I told him if he didn’t turn it down – both he and the album were going to be shredded.
    He laughed at my incredible threat and turned it down until I got back home. He turned it back up just to mock my threat! Once he knew I had gotten the message he turned it down for the rest of that day. Only that day though!

    Dave played frisbee, football and tennis with Chazz and while Chazz’ skill increased, Dave’s remained the same. That made me smile every time I saw them playing. Rain, shine or snowy, the two of them had a daily date to throw, retrieve and return whatever object was used. Chazz, by the way, can jump about 4 feet straight up. Neither I or Dave tried to match him.

    Chris and Pop Alan are my family, too. I love them as much as I love Dave. That fact will never change.

    I’m really blessed to have them in my life.
    So, to my brother, I say farewell until we meet again. And I will walk with your sister and your Dad every day as we go through these sad days without you.

  3. Linda Street says:

    Vaya con Dios my friend.

  4. Mike Soler says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Chris and her Dad. I grew up just two doors down from Dave. He was a wonderful man who loved life and music. Everytime I hear the Nighthawks I always think of Dave and Chris. May he rest in peace.

  5. Jimmy Atalla says:

    Dave was a great friend , had a wonderful heart and was one of the best person anyone could know. I will miss all the bike rides to rolling thunder so he could buy the yearly viet nam pin that he had to have every year, and also keeping his nissan fronteer on the road for him , he loved that truck . my heart is broken over this but I know the good lord has him by his side now . Dave you will truely be missed .GOD SPEED BROTHER

  6. Ginny Gritz Hunter says:

    Dave was one of my most loved of cousins, ever. No words can express my grief over his loss. Dave & Chris introduced me to the NightHawks, which we saw every time we could. I will never forget the ‘2 on 1’ ticket escapade he pulled at the Wax Museum that night – it worked. Nor will I forget his patience and generosity showing me the historical sites he took me too. I will miss his smile, chuckle and laugh. I will miss his 1000 mile stare when he got mad or aggravated. I love you DAC. I love you Chris and my special ‘Unc’. I am there with you always.

  7. Gregory H. Rose says:

    Rest In Peace, Dave.

  8. Beatrice...trixi says:

    Our big David with his big heart and always big to his friends. We shared great moments in Falls Church,Germany, Key West andSpain. Will miss you but not forget you.

  9. Dennis McFaden says:

    I knew Dave as a neighbor, friend, and colleague. Dave and I connected through our jobs working for Fairfax County Public Schools. Dave was a bus driver for many of the students that I taught. I often would stop by his bus outside my classroom after school as he waited for the kids to load for their ride home so that I could get a much needed dose of his wisdom and humor. His kindness and care for our students was evident in the way he treated them and the way they greeted him. I was impressed with his professionalism and the humanity of his interactions with them. The kids and I both knew that he was a good man. I treasure his ready smile, hearty laugh, and unique perspective on life. The image of him in his truck with his dog remains an enduring memory. God bless you, Dave. You made a difference.

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