Clarence Blaine Mishler


Blaine was born on September 7, 1940 in Meyersdale, Pennsylvania to Irvin and Mildred (Brant) Mishler. He was predeceased in death by his parents and his wife of 57 years, Mabel Grace (Carpenter) Mishler. He is survived by his sister, Elaine.

Blaine grew up on a farm in Meyersdale, until his family moved to Norton, Ohio in 1954. He was a good kid but somehow always seemed to be putting his sister in precarious situations like when he got her feet stuck in the spokes of his bike or the time he “trimmed” her bangs so short it made her teacher cry.

While home on leave from the United States Marine Corps, he met Mabel while she was staying with her Uncle Kermit during summer break. After graduating college, Mabel moved to Washington, DC to take a job with the federal government. Soon after, Blaine joined her in DC and the two were married on May 30, 1961. Blaine and Mabel purchased their first home together in Fairfax, Virginia and began attending Fairfax United Methodist Church where they have been life long members. After many years of waiting, in 1975, they finally welcomed their daughter, Heather. Blaine retired from M&M Mars in 2000 where he was an accountant. In 2001 and 2006, he was blessed with granddaughters Britney Campbell and Kaitlyn Campbell.

Blaine and Mabel’s home was always open to family, friends, and neighbors. He and Mabel were avid gardeners with an array of flowers, but his passion was caring for his immaculate lawn. He also enjoyed his home team, the Redskins, and always hopeful that they will get it together and do better next season. If it wasn’t football, Blaine would be watching golf or NASCAR. Through the years he purchased many cars, but his favorites were his black Camaro and his plum (dad, it’s purple!) Ford truck. Blaine enjoyed birdwatching with his wife and taking care of his prized koi fish in the comfort of his own backyard.

Blaine was a wonderful, loving and caring husband, father, and grandfather. Blaine and Mabel did everything together. They had a marriage and love for one another that everyone should aspire to have. For them, two months apart was too long, death is no longer able to keep them apart. On May 30 th they celebrated their 58 th Wedding Anniversary together again. 

On Thursday June 6, 2019, visitation will be held at Fairfax United Methodist Church at 10:00am. A service will be held directly after at 11:00am. Burial will take place at Quantico National Cemetery at 1:00pm



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  1. Margaret McCartney says:

    what a wonderful writeup and photos are perfect!

  2. Tracey Ashley/Quantico National says:

    I am so sorry

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