Bernice “Bunny” From

Bernice “Bunny” From

School is out for Bunny From!  She is taking a well-deserved sabbatical that started on January 15, 2019.  She is leaving her brother in law, Keith Florence, niece Deena Fon and two nephews, Robert and Jay Florence.  While she doesn’t know when she will be back, she wants to leave all of her dear friends with this message, “I did not die!” It is in that spirit that she would like to invite you to a gathering of loved ones on Monday January 21, 2019 at Advent Funeral and Cremation Services at 11 am for a Memorial Service.  She would have appreciated donations to  Capital Caring Hospice, 2900 Telestar Court, Falls Church, VA  22042 or to an animal shelter of your choice. 

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  1. keith florence says:

    You forgot your luggage!

  2. Hazel Bellerjeau says:

    Bunny you were a kind hearted lady who I met thru your sister and my chihuahuas.
    Your home was always open to any that wanted or needed to have a forever lap.
    When you see Leslie and the dogs that will be waiting for you give them a hug from me.

  3. Barbara Silverman says:

    Bunny’s passing leaves a huge hole in my life. I’m so glad we had the past year or so after retirement to spend so much time together. I wish it wasn’t for so many medical appointments, but those times also included stopping to eat somewhere along the way. That always seemed to ease the pain for both of us. There were lots of fun times, and lots of laughs.

  4. Lynn Steed says:

    What a splendid tribute, well done!
    With love,
    Lynn and David Steed

  5. Melanie Cline says:

    There will be no end to the good that comes to those lucky enough to be in Bunny’s world. She is here in us!

  6. Deena says:

    My brothers and I were blessed to have had her as our Aunt. She was also a stand-in Mother during my wedding and pregnancy and I am so grateful for those times together. Nothing will be the same but we all have one more Angel now.

  7. Pamela Bennett-Santoro says:

    We will miss Bunny and her stories of her music, her stories of her math classes, her travels and her dogs. But mostly, we will miss our cousin Bunny.

    Pam Bennett-Santoro & John Santoro
    Morristown, NJ

  8. Carol Germann Hoffman says:

    I’m sorry to hear of this. While we didn’t stay in touch Bunny was a dear friend of mine in Grad school at U. of Illinois and then one of my first friends when I moved to Arlington right after that. She was a great musician back then and such a caring person. She’s one of the people I remember fondly from those years. My condolences to her family.

  9. Rose Ellen Campbell says:

    I knew Bernice as a fellow math teacher in Alexandria. I will always remember her for her kindness and humor.
    My condolences to her family.

  10. John Zirkle says:

    First person I met in high school; in band; going to plays; stories of Winchester; stories of Alexandria; musician; amateur geneologist; adventurous traveler; finally got her to go on a cruise; caring, spiritual person; a neat woman; a good friend. My thoughts and prayers to the family.

  11. Lyn B Sowdon says:

    I can see Bunny laughing at this wonderful tribute to her! Gone too soon, but not forgotten-daughter, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, teacher, dog-lover, care giver, baker, bassoon player, piano/keyboarder, music coordinator, singer, Savoyard lover, social butterfly and pretty much up for anything gal. We miss you Bunny!

  12. Vera de Paulis says:

    What comes to mind when I think of Bunny is her quick smile and her little laugh at anything you wanted to tell her. Bunny you are loved and will be dearly missed.

  13. Rhea Butler says:

    I did not know Ms. From personally, however, I had a few encounters with her at TC. When we did cross paths, she was pleasant and always had a smile. I was saddened when I heard of her passing and send my condolences to her family, friends, former students, and colleagues who knew her well.

  14. Paula Slinger says:

    Dearest Bunny, we will miss you terribly. You are the best bassoonist ever! Brigid and I will miss all our fun times. We’ll see you again some day, my friend. Take care!

  15. Onelio Aguilar says:

    Ms. Bernice From was my Alegra 1 teacher in high school. She gave the best hugs and I will always cherish her memories and support while I was a student at TC. Williams. She was definitely one of the reasons why I became a teacher. She loved her students and was always there for a hug or someone to talk to. I know she touched the lives of many people with her kindness and smile. Ms. Bernice From Thank You!

  16. Meg McAteer Escobar says:

    Miss Bunny was one of our favorite neighbors. I have known her my whole life and she was a sweet friend to my grandmother. Thank you Miss Bunny for always being excited to see all my “new little McAteers” and all the sweet baby love you gave my little ones. We will miss having you across the street. Love, the McAteer-Escobar family.

  17. Adam M Levine says:

    My dearest Bernice! Just want you to know that I still have Lily. I left her in the sun once and she got damaged, but then came back! Then this past summer, I trimmed her by accident with the weed wacker. She came back to life AGAIN! My hope is she will bloom this summer which will be my eternal reminder of you, your kindness and love for plants. You will be missed.

  18. Louise A. Lerner says:

    I am writing to express my great sadness over Bunny’s passing, and my deep sympathy for her family. How sad for you all to have had to go through this process again with Bunny, and so soon after Leslie’s passing.

    I first met Bunny in 1985. We played together in the Washington Savoyards pit orchestra for many years, served on the Savoyards Board together, and remained friends after the company broke up. We also played on occasion for Bunny’s church, giving me an opportunity to get to know some of her other friends and family members.

    Bunny was one of the kindest and most generous people I have ever known, and was unique among my friends in her “positive attitude” — facing whatever adversity came her way with equanimity. Even sharing with me her most recent diagnosis and treatment options, the choices she eventually made, and her decision to spend whatever time she had left living at Sunrise, she showed great strength and courage — and not an ounce of self-pity, except over the prospect of being dogless!

    I visited Bunny several times at Sunrise, most memorably on Election Night, when we shared a feast from Celebrity Delly (one of her favorites) and talked about all the new furniture she had ordered for her apartment. She told me that night that she probably had somewhere between 6-8 months and 2-3 years left, and I believed her — she certainly seemed totally herself whenever I visited her. It was therefore a huge shock to receive (just a few hours before heading to Sunrise again) Deena’s pre-New Year’s email asking friends not to visit that weekend — and then her Monday email telling us that Bunny had been moved to hospice over the weekend.

    How I wish I had managed to squeeze in another visit to Sunrise earlier in December, before Bunny’s unexpectedly rapid decline! My several visits to hospice were a mixed bag, sometimes peaceful and sometimes agitated. However, I will always treasure my New Year’s Day visit, when Bunny spent the whole time lying serenely in bed with a smile on her face, clearly aware of being surrounded by loving friends — and seemingly ready to slip away any time to join Leslie, her parents, and all her beloved dogs. I know that the family’s deep belief that they are all together now must be of great comfort to them.

  19. Sheila Hyman-Reynolds says:

    Bernice, that smile in the picture and heavenly hugs you always give will give Joy when I think about you and the hope till I see you in God’s arms! I love and will miss you, my hugs, your smiles and my true friendship. Keep smiling on us Angel and let us feel you hugs every once and a while!

  20. Heather Leach says:

    So sorry to hear Bernice passed. I worked with her at TC and she always had a smile and was willing to help anyone. She will be missed…

  21. Nancy Foote says:

    I knew Bernice the last couple of years she was at TCW and we even ended up co-teaching ESL students for a semester. She was a great partner in that adventure and was willing to do anything that would help these struggling math students. I lost track of Bernice when she retired and was very sad to hear first that she was very ill and last that she had passed. But I will always remember her laughter and smiles and the bright spot she created around her.

    Rest in peace Bernice!

  22. Dilly says:

    I’ll miss your beautiful smile and your warm hugs. What I’ll miss the most is trying to take care of plants that I’ve gotten from you. I have 2 hanging on. I’ll help them flourish to be as beautiful as you are.

  23. Libby Garvey says:

    Dear Bunny: We made such beautiful music together and had so much fun performing in those 16th and 17th century outfits. Thank you for the music and the joy. Libby

  24. BARBARA FINNEY says:

    So sorry to hear of my friend passing, she had a smile for everyone
    , I worked with Bernice at T. C. for many years. A very ple
    as ant person. She will definitely be missed. REST IN PEACE…..

  25. Leslie Rousseau says:

    Dearest Bernice,

    You have left a big void. I will miss your ready smile, your warmth, and your generosity. I remember so many wonderful moments, like the time you posed for my figure drawing lesson in your renaissance costume. You were always willing to step up for the kids.

    I remember, too, when we both lost our siblings at a similar age. I told you to look for Leslie’s star in the sky because labeling a particular star as my brother’s had helped me.

    I still have a number of plants from you that continue to thrive. Wherever you are, I hope you are thriving as well. Lucky are the souls who share your space, and I’m sure I’ve found your star.

    Much love,

  26. Teresa Chavis says:

    I will always remember her smile and her visits after she retired. I will always remember her bringing her dogs with her to visit. May she Rest in Peace. Bernice you will be missed.

  27. Linda Burden says:

    Ms. From was a very special lady. Her smile, her voice, her kindness and was always there with a kind uplifting joke with me in C215. I could depend on her making me laugh when things were crazy at TC; even after she retired.
    You will be missed.

  28. GSK. says:

    Dear Bunny,
    Best math teacher at T.C.Williams High School, specially for those students new to this country. Bunny made sure they learn well! My husband and I love to see her at the out of town AMWAY meetings. Always positive and big smiles to everyone. Thank you Bunny for you promise to save a place next to you in heaven to LOL in English and Spanish.
    Thank you for sharing your plants at T.C.W they are still there looking beautiful!!!
    I will always smile thinking of you! and remember I will see you when my time comes 🙂 Love you my dear friend 🙂

  29. Tracey Roberson says:

    Ms. From was a awesome person. I will miss our crazy talks and a lot of laughs and plenty of hugs.
    and thank you for teacher my daughter.

    You will be so dearly missed

  30. Patricia Gordon says:

    Bernice will be missed and remembered fondly at T.C. Williams. My sincere condolences to her friends and family.

  31. Evon Winborne says:

    Bernice and I worked together at T.C. She always had a smile and a kind word. She will be missed.

  32. Tina Jenkins says:

    Ms. From, one of the greatest friends ever and there is truly a celebration in Heaven because a true angel has arrived. I will always remember you.


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