At Advent, we stake our reputation on offering quality service in an open, honest, and understanding manner. We provide useful, thorough information about your options upfront—so you can make an informed decision and know that all arrangements will be handled responsively, correctly, and with no surprises.

Our convenient locations in Falls Church, Virginia and Lanham, Maryland are close to the Beltway/I-495 and many cemeteries, including Arlington National Cemetery, Quantico National Cemetery and the Maryland Veteran’s Cemeteries at Cheltenham and Crownsville.

Traditional Funeral Services

We’ve handled thousands of traditional funerals over more than two decades and are the favorite choice of many members of the clergy. Whether you prefer a church funeral, graveside service, or a visitation/service at our funeral home, we go the extra mile to make sure your choices are easily made and perfectly accomplished.

Organic Burials/Green Burials

Advent is pleased to offer the eco-friendly option of organic burial (also known as “green burial”). The use of biodegradable caskets, natural materials, and pure processes minimizes ecological impacts and promotes the return of the body to its natural organic elements. Green cemeteries often forego headstones, choosing instead to mark grave sites with trees and wildflowers, and giving families the GPS coordinates for future site location.


Advent focuses on your needs, not ours—so we offer a range of services and pricing options. Whether you prefer something simple or quite grand, we combine the best in personal service, understanding, and responsiveness to offer the area’s most outstanding value. Learn more about what’s available at our Falls Church, Virginia and Lanham, Maryland locations.

The Choice is Yours

If burial is the right choice, we hope you’ll choose Advent. Our team of directors and support staff are available 24/7 to help you and your family.

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