Dr. Earl V Karl

Dr. Earl V Karl, of Chantilly, VA received the rest of the kingdom on February 2, 2018. Dr. Karl graduated from Fairmont High School in 1965 and served his country with distinction in the Marine Corps in Vietnam, where he was awarded a Purple Heart after being wounded on the field of battle. After coming to faith in the Lord Jesus in 1972, he dedicated his life to sharing the Gospel with the least of these and persevered in proclaiming the Good News until his final hours, celebrating his home-going in the field of ministry. Earl also obtained a BS in Education from Fairmont State College in 1971 and worked as a high school teacher. He received Master’s Degrees in Liberal Arts and Bible Studies prior to obtaining his Doctor of Ministry in 1990. Dr. Karl is survived by his devoted wife Judy (Todd) Karl; six beloved daughters, Melannie Johnson, Rachel Karl (Kelly), Jennifer Lawson (Adam), Stephanie Karl, Michelle Baker-Karl, and Shauna Baker-Karl; 3 sisters, Anita Rose (Ken), Alice Dustin, and Denise Ludlow (Scott); 9 grandchildren, Alyssa, Alexa, Samantha, Zachary, Tabitha, Vincent, Avonte, Natalya and Tavin; and many nieces, nephews and beloved friends.
A celebration of his life will be held at Cherrydale Baptist Church, 3910 Lorcom Lane, Arlington VA on Friday, February 9, 2018 at 11:00 AM, with a reception immediately following in the Fellowship Hall. Burial at Quantico National Cemetery at a later date. Those wishing to make donations may make them to: Good News Jail & Prison Ministry at goodnewsjail.org, Operation Smile at www.operationsmile.org or Wounded Warrior Project at support.woundedwarriorproject.org

“Well done, good and faithful servant!”

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  1. Beth zodun (Creech) says:

    Paster Karl was a formable part of my formative years. He was a faithful servent who raised children to love god and share their faiths and friendships. Through them he helped them show their love of Christ. His direct and indirect guidance helped shape the lives of many of us to know Christ. I thank him for being their in my middle school and teen years at fag church.

  2. Georgia Taylor says:

    Thank you for your service to our country and community, Dr. Karl. Your legacy shines so bright. We are blessed to have had your light shine in our lives. Daniel 12:3

  3. Jim Wimert says:

    My sympathy to all the family. We were friends when he lived and taught and ministered in Westminster. Today he is in glory. He ministered to so many.
    Well done, my friend. See you in Heaven.
    Jim Wimert

    • Anita Rose says:

      I remember some of his time in Westminster, Md. Beautiful area. Thank you for your kinds words toward our brother. We will all miss him terribly.

    • Michelle Baker-Karl says:

      When my mom came home from the hospital that night, to a house that now housed only us, we wondered what “glory” was like. At that very moment, was he being judged? Was he entering the gates of Heaven itself? Was he with his parents, or meeting my Grandpa (his father-in-law) for the first time? It was amazing to think about where he was and what he experienced at those exact moments. He could see COLOR for the first time! (He was color-blind so although some shades were visible, not all, and not the way we see them.) To see that, and to see it THERE, must’ve been incredible. My mom was at his side as he left this world, and said she saw so clearly that he saw whatever it is that we will see when we pass from this life to the next. Her faith was strengthened by watching the sheer wonder & awe on his face during the last 15 seconds of his life. She asked what he was looking at but he didn’t answer, just kept looking at whatever it is that awaits us. And once those seconds of wonderment were gone, so was he. Today he is indeed in glory, and like my mom, I can’t wait to see what he saw. And although as a Christian my primary desire is to be with Jesus Christ, I look forward to seeing my dad, too. For now, he has earned his rest. We’ve got eternity to be together again.

    • Judy Karl says:

      He spoke highly of you Mr. Wimert.
      Thank you for the kind words.

  4. Lois Carol Purdy says:

    Earl was the bravest, most Godly man I’ve ever met. He was above reproach. In his ministry he won many to the cause of Christ and they have won souls and they have won souls…. his ministry will go on long after he has received his reward! I’m sure the Savior whom he loved said “ Well done my good and faithful servant. Enter in to your rest.”
    He has left a legacy for our 4 daughters and our 9 grandchildren. We will have many memories of our lives together and will talk of him often when we are together.
    We know we will be reunited together again with him and this gives us comfort.
    Sleep well, Earl, we’ll see you in the morning! We love you.

    • Georgia Taylor says:

      Yes, his legacy will continue on. Love you!

    • Larry and Joyce Wimert says:

      Our sympathy, love and prayers goes to the Karl family. We knew Earl and family when they lived and ministered in Westminster, Md. Wonderful memories of our times together. Earl has now experienced
      everything that we as Christians wonder about Heaven. I can hear my God say “Well done my good and faithful servant”. Our thoughts are with the Karl family.

  5. Michelle Baker-Karl says:

    Thank you for being my dad, Squirrel. This house doesn’t feel like a home without you here with mom & I. Enjoy your reward… you earned it. Love you forever.

  6. Dane Smith says:

    When relocated from Ohio (a long time ago), we chose (then) Fairfax A/G as our home church, and Pastor Karl was a big reason. His quiet friendliness, equally quiet but quick sense of humor and devotion to the Lord and the Scriptures and his flock really made him special. He eventually went through some very difficult times, but the Lord put him where he needed him, and only the Lord knows how many souls he rescued during his time as chaplain. I was blessed to have the chance to see him last spring while I was working at the polls, and other than our both looking older, we had a very nice reunion in front of everyone there. I thank the Lord for that chance to see him again (after 25 years, as he pointed out) and for the privilege of knowing such a fine man of God. I have no doubt he has already heard “Well done, my good and faithful servant!” as he so well deserves.

    • Judy Karl says:

      I was with Earl that day you saw him at the polls. When we left he told me how he knew you. He was very happy to see you again!

  7. Tom Glaze says:

    Pastor Karl was not only my Pastor for many years. He was also a dear friend. I served as Deacon under him and learned a lot about how to deal with people and how to pray properly for their needs. He was very much a part of my becoming a better Christian Husband, Father and friend. His family is very dear to me also.

  8. Kim Taulbee says:

    It seems like yesterday that I sent my resume to Fairfax Assembly of God (back in 1983) to apply for my first Music Director/Worship Leader position. Earl called me and we had a great phone conversation. He asked me “Do you read music?” and “Do you talk much between songs?” Nancy and I flew into DC and Pastor Karl picked us up at the airport. A cool young guy with a great mustache. We drove directly to the church and met the Beachys, Yoders and of course, Carol. I will never forget how Pastor Karl encouraged me with his gentle style of leadership and gave me plenty of rope, er, freedom to make mistakes. Eight wonderful years of worshiping and ministering together, countless hours yakking in the Waffle King and watching a patient and loving father raise his beautiful daughters. I remember looking at the back of Pastor’s partially bald head while he preached after radiation treatments made his hair fall out. We wanted to draw a smiley face on the bald spot! We will never forget the fun we had putting on the Illustrated Sermons, especially the time our niece, Kirsten, wore the devil’s mask, pulling people into hell at the Great White Throne Judgement.

    Earl Karl was a wonderful Christian who persevered through difficulties and would never give up. He loved to talk about God’s word and loved to preach. My life and ministry was shaped by this sweet man and am thankful that God saw fit to intertwine our paths for a season. Carol, you said it well. Sleep well my old friend – see you in the morning.

    • Anita Karl Rose says:

      I recall that time. Yes, he continued to “march on” through all treatments, battles, etc. that he endured. Yes..he lost all hair on the back of his head during those “treatments”. My brother made the world a better place.

    • Judy Karl says:

      He never gave up and fought until his last breath. When the chemo made him so sick, he would contemplate stopping the treatments to enjoy what time he had left. Then he would say “No, I guess I should do everything I can.” Those were bittersweet months filled with sweet memories.

  9. Karen Clark says:

    Pastor Karl was first my pastor and shaped my perspective and theology of who God is and who I am in Him. In 1993, he saw my potential and God’s calling in my life for ministry. In a vocation largely held by men, he took a bold step and hired me on his staff as Worship and Arts Pastor. After 25+ years of ministry I look back and am completely grateful for his obedience to the Lord. He was a compassionate leader who taught me that no job is too small—especially as a leader and to lead God’s people by example in words and action. I can still hear his voice belting out “there is powerrrr, wonder working powerrrr”. He was a genuine and passionate worshiper. And one day I will stand and worship with him once again!

  10. Denise - Earl's youngest sister says:

    It is so nice to read the various ways my brother impacter various people. I always felt he was a really special person and new he had impacted others. It is amazing to realize how much. He was impressive. Thank you everyone for your comments.

  11. Ken Wiencko says:

    I remember when I moved back to VA after serving in the Navy I attended Fairfax Assembly of God. I can tell that Pastor Karl has a true servant’s heart and I will never forget the influence he had in my walk with the Lord. Rest In Peace, Pastor Karl. Enjoy your time in Glory and I’ll see you on the other side.

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