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Death Certificates are important. When someone dies, it’s surprising how many people have to be notified. Insurance companies, the Social Security Administration, financial institutions, brokerage houses, in fact, anyone the deceased has accounts, policies or holdings with must be notified and sent a copy of the Death Certificate. Your Funeral Director can provide you with copies.

State Health Departments require certain vital statistical information before a death certificate can be filed. Knowing the following will help make the process quicker and easier:

  • Name — first, middle, last
  • Address
  • State, Zip Code, County of Residence
  • Sex, Race, Hispanic? Yes/No
  • Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Social Security Number
  • Occupation, Type of Industry, Years of Education
  • Citizen of (Country)
  • Marital Status, Name of Spouse
  • Father’s Name, Mother’s Full Maiden Name
  • Next of Kin, Relationship
  • Next of Kin’s Address
  • Next of Kin’s Home and Work Phone

More information about death certificates can be found at the following websites:

For families that are either out of town or otherwise unavailable to meet with us in-person to make arrangements, the following documents are available for download. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the documents below, you may download it for free here.

Release Form

The purpose of this form is to authorize a hospital, hospice, nursing home or other institution to release a person who had died to us. It also authorizes us to prepare (embalm) someone for an open casket visitation, shipment to another location (state or foreign country) or if there will be an extended period of time (more than 72 hours) between the time of death and the disposition (burial or cremation). After it is completed by the next of kin or person acting on the behalf of the next of kin, it can be forwarded to us and either (1) kept in a file for future use or (2) used as needed immediately.

Click to download Release Form »

Authorization for Cremation

This form is to be completed by the next of kin to authorize the cremation of an individual. It cannot be signed in advance, and, if not signed in our presence, it must be notarized. This form may be emailed or faxed to us; we request the hard copy to be mailed.

Click to download Authorization for Cremation Form »

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